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Suncoast Pilates is the ONLY Central Florida host site for Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor Training

We Train Pilates Instructors from around the world

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Suncoast Pilates offers:

  • one on one mentoring,
  • Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Education (Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrel)
  • Workshops
  • CoreAlign
  • Balanced Body Barre
  • MOTR (More Than a Roller)


Why Balanced Body? Balanced Body is THE LARGEST EDUCATOR of Pilates Instructors in the world. Your Pilates education is recognized worldwide and recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance. Manuals, and accompanying streaming links are considered to be some of the best resources in the industry.

Suncoast Pilates is the ONLY Central Florida host site for Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor Training

Interested in becoming a Pilates instructor or CoreAlign instructor?

Suncoast Pilates offers a complete Comprehensive Pilates Training Program as well as complete Pilates, CoreAlign, MOTR , and Balanced Body Barre Instructor Training Program. Check out our entire SCHEDULE of instructor courses and workshops (check back frequently) and REGISTER

Suncoast has three Balanced Body Pilates Educators on Staff – Allie, Nancy, and Patricia, and two CoreAlign Educators- Patricia and Ed, who will mentor you through your entire educational process!

There are four course plans including Mat Only, Reformer Only, Mat and Reformer, and Comprehensive (which includes all and Chair, Barrels, and Trapeze Table).

In order to better plan your Pilates instructor or CoreAlign instructor courses, you may wish to download ours

Suncoast Pilates offers options both in studio and virtual live online via Zoom. Some courses are in studio only or Zoom only.  Local attendees are asked to please attend in person.

Text or call 727-772-6772 for details (7 days a week); REGISTER. (Note: trainee required to have equipment needed for the course if attending online via Zoom. Order Balanced Body equipment by emailing Balanced Body Sales Representative nancy.tenoglio@pilates.com , and mention Suncoast Pilates for purchase discount).

Balanced Body®’s program is designed in modules so you can take your first course now and continue your training next week, next month or next year. Each module is self-contained so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as your schedule and budget allow.

For detailed information regarding the complete Balanced Body instructor training program text or call Suncoast Pilates, view the Balanced Body® Education page for information.

You may choose and test out at one of four levels–


1) Pilates Mat Instructor – Required modules Movement Principles, Mat I, Mat II, and Mat III plus Mat test out – completion of all modules plus required practice teaching, observation and personal practice hours prior to test out)

2) Pilates Reformer Instructor – Required modules Movement Principles, Reformer I, II and III and test out – completion of all modules plus required practice teaching, observation and personal practice hours prior to test out) – 12 hour anatomy course also required if no prior anatomy education

3) Pilates Mat / Reformer Instructor – Required modules Movement Principles, Mat I, Mat II, Mat III, Reformer I, II and III and test out (you can start with either Reformer I OR Mat I – completion of all modules plus required practice teaching, observation and personal practice hours prior to test out) – 12 hour anatomy course also required if no prior anatomy education

4) Pilates Comprehensively Trained Pilates Instructor – Required modules – Movement Principles, Mat I and II, III, Reformer I, II, III, Chair, Barrels and Cadillac / Tower modules plus test out –  can begin at Mat I OR Reformer I module (completion of all modules plus required practice teaching, observation and personal practice hours prior to test out) – 12 hour anatomy course also required if no prior anatomy education

5) Bridge programs from other training organizations are also available

Note that all modules require additional purchase of required manual / streaming link.

Total cost of modules depend on choice of level chosen (Mat only, Reformer only, Reformer / Mat only or Comprehensively Trained) and if trainee registers early in order to receive early bird discount available for most modules. There is an additional test out fee depending on the level at which you test out. Note that Balanced Body allows time to take modules as your time and budget allows.

The CoreAlign Instructor Training program is separate and apart from the Pilates program.

Two modules are required – CoreAlign 1 Fundamentals and CoreAlign 2 Progressions.

Manual / streaming link materials required additional fee.

Teacher Training Testimonials

Another amazing course instructed by Allie! I always enjoy her style of teaching as well as how Balance Body’s repetition of information in the manuals. It makes learning Pilates seamless while also anchoring core methodologies from the very beginning (Movement Principles

Allie is an excellent teacher and delivered a high-quality virtual lesson. I want to take more classes with her. Exceeded my expectations.

Allie was AMAZING! I loved the studio it was nice and clean. She made sure everyone was comfortable. Great Master Trainer! She was clear and consistent in her expectations for the training days. She took as much time as we needed and answered all questions. Presented the material in a smooth and logical order. She even took extra time after the training to send us book and equipment links we discussed in the training

Nancy does an incredible job of teaching this material in an organized and clear way. She takes the time to answer questions thoroughly and makes sure we understand the material. Very fun class and highly recommended!

I enjoyed the class. It was very informative and interactive. There was ample opportunity to ask questions and practice. Enjoyed the class. It was very informative and interactive. There was ample opportunity to ask questions and practice

Patricia’s style of instruction is educational and fun. She provides valuable tools and I look forward to learning more from her

Patricia is a wonderful instructor! Her knowledge is vast and I love how she breaks down each exercise for full understanding. I’m excited to take Reformer 2 & 3 as well as other courses she instructs!

Reformer 2 with Patricia was just fabulous! She is amazingly skilled at teaching the material in a way that is easy to understand. She’s great at instilling confidence in each individual so they are able to then teach the exercises effectively. Can’t speak highly enough about this training and Patricia

Suncoast Pilates has the friendliest staff and is a clean, fully equipped studio. The owner is warm and welcoming, where you feel at home from the minute you walk through the door. There is so much variety from different equipment to private or group classes. Since starting at Suncoast Pilates, it has helped my back issues immensely and I have never felt better! Highly recommend!

Why choose Suncoast Pilates for my teacher training?

As the only Balanced Body Authorized training Center on the West Coast of Florida (and in all of Central Florida for that matter) we proudly offer the internationally recognized Balanced Body Pilates teacher training program.  We have an entire team of highly qualified Educators trained directly by Balanced Body at their headquarters in Sacramento, California, a robust schedule of course offerings and a combined 30 years of experience in helping Pilates teachers grow and become competent in helping others with this incredible method.  We work with you from start to finish to achieve your goals and complete the program.  Balanced Body also offers the BEST training materials.  Ok, we know we are biased but its true!  Each course is accompanied by an incredible manual full of detailed information, clear step by step photos and straightforward guidelines on each of the traditional Pilates exercises!  Furthermore EACH course has a video that accompanies it with beautifully filmed, clear instructions on how to teach each exercise.

What training options are available through your studio and Balanced Body?

Balanced Body Pilates offers the following options:

-Mat Teacher Training

-Reformer Teacher Training

-Mat and Reformer Teacher Training

-Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training (which includes Mat, Reformer and the remaining apparatus: Chair, Cadillac and Barrels)  this is the highest, most extensive level one can pursue.

Not sure which program is right for you?  No worries, we are happy to discuss the options with you!  Please call or text 727-772-6772  or email us at hello@suncoastpilates.com to set up a call with Studio Co-Owner and Education Program Director, Allie 😊

Furthermore: You don’t have to make the decision right away!  Just get started and if you want to pursue a greater or lesser amount of course work, you can make that decision any time and either continue or apply for test out at any of the above levels.

How does the program work?

The program involves attending a series of two-day courses (which we offer often and on a rotating basis) completing observation hours, practice teaching hours and personal Pilates sessions.  Finally, students are required to take and pass a final test out exam which we will prepare you for and mentor you through 😊  A full description of the program can be found here on our Teacher Training page as well as on the “Learn” page of Balanced Body’s website: Pilates Instructor Training – How to Become a Pilates Instructor

We know it is a lot of information so please reach out to set up a phone call with studio Co-owner and Education Program Director, Allie.  Call or Text 727-772-6772 or email hello@suncoastpilates.com

Can I take some of the courses online?

Yes!  We proudly offer the option to attend many of our courses online, via Zoom.  When attending online, students are required to be present and interacting for all hours that the course is in session.  We have been conducting teacher training via Zoom since the beginning of the pandemic and boast an extensive A/V set up that allows online students to feel as if they are here with us in the studio.  We do encourage all local students to come into the studio for courses wherever possible but the online option is great for those who are traveling, live far away from the studio or who cannot make the commute to us for one reason or another.  Some of the more lecture based courses (Movement Principles and Anatomy for Movement Professionals) are only offered online.  The following courses are often offered online:

Movement Principles

Anatomy for Movement Professionals

Mat 1, Mat 2, Mat 3

Reformer 1

Reformer 2

*the rest of the courses (Refomer 3, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Chair and Barrels) are only offered in person for safety and/or logistical reasons.

**Not all Reformer 1 and 2 courses are offered online but many are so please be sure you look for and select the online option if that is what you need

***Students are required to have full access to a reformer and sitting box for ALL reformer 1 modules and reformer 2 modules.  Reformer 2 also requires access to a jump board.  Furthermore, online students must have a working internet connection, a web cam that must be on the whole time and the ability to communicate back and forth with the instructor and the group via Zoom.  Our online courses are live and interactive.

Which course should I start with?

We allow students to start the program with either of three options:  “Movement Principles”, “Mat 1” or “Reformer 1”.  We ask that trainees complete the required “Movement Principles” course at least before moving on to Mat 2 or Reformer 2.  The program is designed to start with “Movement Principles” but any of the above three courses work as entry points to the program.  We recommend trainees chose the course to start with that best works with their schedule.

Where can I see your schedule of course offerings?

Head here to the “education finder” and select “Florida” as the state and “Suncoast Pilates” as the educator 😊

Pilates Certification Training Near Me – Balanced Body

What does “hybrid” mean as a course designation?

“Hybrid” means that students have the option to take the course either online or in person.  It does NOT mean that part of the course is online and part in person.  Students select to attend either online or in person when they register.

What does the final test out exam involve?

The final test out includes a 33-question, multiple choice written exam and a 60-minute practical exam where you will teach a class to a student under the observation of one of our educators.  Do tests stress you out?  Not to worry, we fully prepare you for this exam and mentor you through the process.  By the time you are ready for this, you are ready!  While we will insist on a high level of competency, we will help you get there before approving you for test out 😊

Do I have to pay for the program all at once?

No! And that is one of the great things about the Balanced Body curriculum:  It is modular, so you just pay for each course as you go.  We also offer an early bird special where you will receive a small discount if you sign up for a course at least three weeks in advance.

What is the cost of the program?

It depends on how far you plan to take your training as you pay for each course as you go through.  On average each course costs between $450 and $575.  Please head here, select “Florida” as your state and “Suncoast Pilates” as your educator and you will be able to see the time and cost of each course.  Paying course by course allows for flexibility.  Short on finances?  You can always spread your courses out?  Looking to get your training done quickly?  Take advantage of our extensive course offerings and get it all done intensively!

How long does the program take?

This depends extensively on which pathway you are taking,  how closely you space your courses and how quickly you are able to complete your observation and practice hours.  Time frames can range from 6 months to several years depending on your schedule  Please call, text or email studio co-owner and Education Program Director, Allie to go over your situation and get an estimate.  Call or text 727-772-6772 or email hello@suncoastpilates.com

How can I complete my practice hours?

Student practice hours can be accomplished at home with friends and family, at your local studio, with paying clients at your place of employment (if you already work in the movement field) or here at our studio.  We offer free use of our reformers, chairs, Cadillac, barrels and towers for students who are taking courses with us.  You can bring friends and family into our studio and work with them to get your practice hours done.  Mat practice hours can be done at home, in gyms or here in our studio.  We can help connect trainees with other trainees or students to practice with and on.  All practice times need to be coordinated in advance with Studio Co-Owner Allie to ensure the studio has available space at the time you wish to practice.  All of these logistics will be covered during your course modules.  We also may have opportunities to start working at the studio as an apprentice teaching paying clients so that you can “earn as you learn”.  We do require that trainees who are practicing in our studio have student insurance which is not very costly. We can help connect you with great Pilates teacher trainee insurance. 

How can I complete my observation? hours?

Observation hours can be completed at our studio by watching our teachers conduct group and private sessions.  Please contact studio co-owner Allie to coordinate best times to observe in the studio by calling or texting 727-772-6772 or emailing her at allie@suncoastpilates.com.  Observation hours can also be accrued at ANY Pilates studio you have access to (many studio owners are happy to allow this) and they can also be gotten by watching online classes or by watching the videos that accompany your courses.  To get the most out of your observation we do recommend that you get some of these hours done live as you’ll observe the most detail that way.

Do I have to wait until I complete my training to start working and earning money?

No!  We encourage trainees to seek employment as soon as they feel confident in their teaching.  Many studios will hire instructors while they are completing their training because demand for Pilates teachers is so high!

If I can start working before finishing the program, why do I need to continue to attend courses and pursue the program to full completion?

While the Pilates field is not currently regulated by the government or any licensing agency in the U.S. , those working in this field serve themselves and their clients best by achieving the highest level of competency possible.  Completing the Balanced Body program is a true feather in one’s cap and a mark of true competence.  Often Pilates employers will pay higher salaries for those who are fully trained.  It is also the best way to protect yourself as a professional.  At many studios and facilities, full training and full completion of an accredited program is required before employment. This is at the discretion of each facility.   Furthermore, upon completion of the Balanced Body teacher training program, your name will be included on Balanced Body’s website/directory.  Full completion of the program also enables you to pursue further national certification with the National Pilates Certification Program:  National Pilates Certification Program

I have injuries/physical conditions that inhibit me from performing the full Pilates repertoire, can I still pursue Pilates teacher training?

Absolutely!  We focus on enabling our trainees to TEACH Pilates and help others with Pilates!  While one’s own practice in the method is an important part of this journey, we recognize that being able to do the Pilates repertoire is a related but DIFFERENT skill than being able to teach it.  We will help you improve your own practice to the best of your ability and within the scope of what is possible for your body but our main focus is helping you to help others!

I have a totally different background and have never taught movement or anything like this, can I still join the program?

Yes!  We have trained students from so many varied and diverse backgrounds, and we believe that whether you are a recent high school graduate or a retiree in your 70s looking for a second career, you can bring something wonderful to the Pilates teacher community!  We have worked with lawyers, CPA’s, chiropractors, elementary school teachers and 100s of other backgrounds who are looking to either teach part time or do a career shift and the Balanced Body program is designed to take you from wherever you are at to where you want to be in this space!

I am already a trained Pilates teacher from a different program, do you/Balanced Body offer a Bridge program?

Yes!  Please visit this link for more information on Bridging: Pilates Bridge Program – Balanced Body Bridge Program

I am working full time/have other commitments/have financial limitations, do I need to complete the program within a certain time frame?

No!  One of the other great advantages of the Balanced Body teacher training program is that students can move at their own pace.  Looking to complete your training as fast as possible?  We have you covered!  Need more time?  No problem!  The courses you take do not expire!  So you can take the time you need!

Do you hire students who go through your program?

Yes! Whenever there is a need, we always prefer to hire from within our program!  We often have employment opportunities for trainees!  Please feel free to reach out to studio co-owner and Education Program Director Allie at allie@suncoastpilates.com

Do you offer Balanced Body teacher training in other modalities than Pilates?

Yes!  We have Balanced Body Educators trained to deliver courses in the following additional areas:

Core Align



Anatomy in 3 Dimensions

Head here to learn more about these programs:

Pilates Certification – Pilates Instructor Certification